Bob  Lewis

Bob Lewis

The Visionary Group

Bob Lewis runs a growth and M&A practice exclusively supporting the CPA profession. He helps firms identify their unique growth path. Mr. Lewis defines growth as more than revenue. Growth is a comprehensive and balanced effort that includes developing their processes, people, and positioning in the market. He works with partners to identify the type of prospects they want to add, creating or refining industry or service niches, developing and enhancing the professional team, referral partner and channel approaches, and working to build client value within the existing client base. 

His firm has 25 years of acting as the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for practices nationwide and providing custom merger and acquisition searches to tuck-in a firm into an existing location or to identify a platform firm in a new geography. He also helps firms who need a transition strategy identify a practice to merge or sell into. In the CGO role, Mr. Lewis takes control of the firm’s growth and will work in collaboration with in-house marketing or assume the marketing responsibilities as well. The role of the CGO is expansion, development of an advisory and sales culture, and shaping the firm’s future.  

He has experience as an accountant in the private sector and has held roles in accounting and finance leadership roles in Fortune 100 entities. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and an MBA, both from DePaul University located in Chicago, IL. | 800.95.9186 | 

Additional Information:

Ask to receive at no-cost his live Firm Growth model. A one-page sheet that you can change the variables on to create different outcomes. And, ask for his Industry and Service Niche guide. It's two pages that can take you from no niche to a deep one quickly.