David  Wolfe

David Wolfe

David Wolfe, CPA, CFF is a seasoned financial forensic investigator and forensic accountant with extensive international expertise in conducting and leading complex and high-profile financial fraud, procurement and corruption investigations, forensic audits, and fraud risk assessments. Mr. Wolfe also has advised organisations on anti-fraud programs. On-site when the WorldCom scandal broke, he has led high-profile investigations in over 40 countries involving hundreds of millions of dollars of losses and severe programmatic impacts including the Volcker Committee’s international investigation of the United Nation’s Iraq Oil for Food Program in 2004/2005. Co-creator of the Fraud Diamond theoretical framework and the General Principles for Financial Forensics in conducting forensic audits, Mr. Wolfe is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified in Financial Forensics and is an author and frequent speaker and instructor on topics of his expertise.