Carl  Sheeler

Carl Sheeler

River Edge Values Advisory Services

Carl Sheeler has presented to 1,000's of emerging and seasoned professionals from the finance, insurance, trust, legal, accounting, economic, and academic communities both domestically and globally.

Much of his content hones or challenges conventional BV wisdom in order to engage collegial discussion on best practices for both trusted advisors and clients they serve.

Equity Value Enhancement - a John Wiley & Sons' text, Mr. Sheeler authored, compresses his 25+ years of working with some very bright 8- to 10-figure clients and their advisors.

His message is clear and concise. Too much emphasis on boiler plate formulas; financial capital; and too little emphasis on human capital and risk management can result in very skewed values and disappointed clients.

In addition to being a testifying expert on 175 occasions, he received the AM&AA's Midmarket Thought Leader of the Year Award in 2015 and The BNYMellon Special Situations Advisor (<$25 million) of the Year Award in 2017.